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Helen (Coyle) Gardner, 1897 Ny – 1965 NY

Helen (Coyle) Gardner, 1897 Ny – 1965 NY

The photograph, above, was taken c 1920 in Central Park, New York City. Helen Coyle & Nathaniel Gardner were in a row boat on the lake. 
Helen Frances (Coyle) Gardner was my mother’s mother, my Nana. She was born in New York City on 9 January 1897, daughter of Michael & Mary Josephine (Mullane) Coyle. Helen was the oldest of seven children. Her siblings were: Francis, Marion, Marguerite, Thomas, Lillian & Kathleen.
Helen found a job at the Western Union Telegraph Company where she worked for several years. It was there that she met her future husband. On 9 May 1921 she married Nathaniel Gardner, son of Leopold Gartner & Fannie Edelsein. They were married in New York City where they lived until November 1940.
 They had one child, a daughter named Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown.  In 1940 the Gardners were living at 2856 East 197th Street in the Bronx. Nathaniel was still working at Western Union, Helen was at home and Joy was going to school. Later that year they bought a house in Columbia Co., NY. Nathaniel died 7 December 1944. Helen died 13 October 1965. They are buried in Germantown, NY.

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