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Welcome to all of you family members, genealogists and internet wanderers. My family tree is actually a forest of assorted names and locations. Check out the branches to discover if you share a leaf or two.

Surnames (above and to the right). Here are the main family trees. My goal is to include names, dates, descendants, photographs, documents  & sources for my information. These names link to locations & cemeteries. Related? Contact me to share & compare.

Locations (above and to the right). Here you can find my family names associated with each location, useful websites and blogs, books, maps and other resources that are helpful for research there. Do you have a favorite resource:  archive, book, website to share? Let me know.

Cemeteries (above). The final resting places of my ancestors. Names, dates, maps & photographs are here.

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  • January 28, 2015: Book: Tracing Your Irish Family History - Leaves & Branches

    Tracing Your Irish Family History

    By Anthony Adolph

    Firefly Books, Ltd., Ontario, 2009

    This book sits on my genealogy bookshelves beside several others on the same topic. They have all taught me more about the home of my mother’s mother’s family but this one is especially appealing. When you first flip through the pages you will be pulled in by the photographs, charts, text boxes, sketches and easy to read text. You can browse on any page or read cover to cover. I’ve done both.

    When you get past the appealing layout you’ll find the content full of research tips and Irish facts and history. Within the section on the United States Mr. Adolph gives these suggestions for research: NARA, societies, civil registration, censuses, directories, religious registers, newspapers, biographical dictionaries, wills, naturalizations, shipping lists, army records and land records. Each has a brief description of their value to genealogy. In the same section there are text boxes about: the colonization of America, President Kennedy, criminals sentenced to transportation to the colonies and further reading.  

    When looking in Ireland for more information Mr. Adolph writes,

    “Whether or not you’ve found your ancestor’s place of origin yet, don’t leap on the next plane to Dublin. Much Irish research can be done online and using the Mormon’s microfilmed records…”

    He then writes about hiring professional genealogists, materials available through societies, useful magazines and books, websites and biographical dictionaries. He describes repositories in Dublin and Belfast and the county heritage centres.

    The ‘Divisions of Ireland’ section is especially important to understand in order to locate the records you need. The difference between a townland, a parish and a barony is important. I was confused before reading about the difference.

    I suggest you find this book in your library or buy a copy. You won’t regret spending an afternoon with this book.


    Part 1. Tracing back to Ireland: first steps

              First, find your immigrant

              Using and storing records

    Part 2. Tracing back to Ireland, country by country

              England and Wales


              United States




              New Zealand

    Part 3. Tracing your roots in Ireland

              Introducing Ireland

              The divisions of Ireland

              Griffith’s Valuation and Tithe Applotments

              Civil Registration


              Religious Registers

              Occupational records

              Dictionary of Irish sources

    Part4. Tracing ancient Irish roots

              Irish names

              Recorded pedigrees


              Milesius was your ancestor

              Ancient Irish roots

              The invasions of Ireland

              Modern chieftains


    Useful addresses


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