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  • April 24, 2019: The Estate of Reuben Lawrence, 1843 NC - Leaves & Branches
    Finding an estate of a family member is always interesting. I like to see the list of items they used in their lives. This estate is especially interesting because it tells us which family member purchased each item and how much they paid.

    If you are interested look at all the estate papers on Ancestry. There are many pages.

    Reuben Lawrence 
    Reuben Lawrence, son of Humphrey Lawrence , b c 1748 NC
    My 6th Great Uncle

    The Estate of Reuben Lawrence

    Bertie County, North Carolina

    Estate settled 1843

    Mrs. Frances Lawrence was the widow of Reuben Lawrence.
    Frederick & Alphus (?) were his sons.
    James R. Ryent was his son-in-law & husband of Frances.

    doz. Windsor Chairs                            Mrs. Frances Lawrence              $1.00

    set dining tables                                   ditto                                        1.00

    desk                                                     ditto                                         .25

    Lot Books                                            ditto                                        1.00

    Brass clock                                           ditto                                        1.00

    2 tables                                                ditto                                         .25

    safe + contents                                     ditto                                         .25

    small bed                                             ditto                                         .25

    3 chests                                                ditto                                        .50

    Lot water + pitchers                            ditto                                          .05

    Set crockery + spoons                          ditto                                          .50

    Lot old chairs                                      ditto                                          .25

    Bed + furniture                                   ditto                                        1.00

    Bed + two pillows                                ditto                                        1.00

    Table + Trunk                                     ditto                                          .50

    Wash bowl                                          ditto                                          .05

    Saddle + Bridle                                   Nathaniel F. F. Lawrence           .05

    Grain fan                                             Alphus Lawrence                     5.00

    Set Black Smith Tools                         James R. Ryent                         5.00

    Ox cart                                              Mrs. Frances Lawrence              1.00

    Double Gig                                          ditto                                        1.00

    Single Gig                                            ditto                                        1.00

    Work ox                                              ditto                                        1.00

    Lot ploughs (plow)                              ditto                                        1.00

    Spade                                                   ditto                                         .25

    2 Grub hors (horse)                             ditto                                           .25

    Lot working hors (horse)                     ditto                                           .50

    Gray mare                                            ditto                                        10.00

    Black horse                                          N. F. F. Lawrence                    10.00

    7 Sheep                                                Mrs. Frances Lawrence               1.75

    cow + calf                                            ditto                                          1.00

    Yoke young Oxen                                A. Lawrence                               6.50

    Spotted Hefr (heifer)                           R. T. F.                                      2.00

    Black spotted hefr (heifer)                   James Ryent                               2.00

    Red crumpled horn hefr (heifer)          ditto                                          2.05

    Hifer (heifer)                                       ditto                                          2.55

    Lot Hollow ware                                 Mrs. Frances Lawrence               1.00

    Table + 3 Trays                                   ditto                                            .50

    Sow + 5 Shoats                                   ditto                                          2.50

    Sow + 2 Shoats                                    ditto                                          2.00

    7 hogs                                                  ditto                                          7.00

    10 hogs                                                A. Lawrence                               4.75

    Gig + Plough (plow)                            Mrs. Frances Lawrence                 1.00


    Source: North Carolina Wills and Probate records, 1665 – 1998; Estate Inventory of Reuben Lawrence; digital image, Ancestry (ancestry.com: accessed January 2019). 

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