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Welcome to all of you family members, genealogists and internet wanderers. My family tree is actually a forest of assorted names and locations. Check out the branches to discover if you share a leaf or two.

Surnames (above and to the right). Here are the main family trees. My goal is to include names, dates, descendants, photographs, documents  & sources for my information. These names link to locations & cemeteries. Related? Contact me to share & compare.

Locations (above and to the right). Here you can find my family names associated with each location, useful websites and blogs, books, maps and other resources that are helpful for research there. Do you have a favorite resource:  archive, book, website to share? Let me know.

Cemeteries (above). The final resting places of my ancestors. Names, dates, maps & photographs are here.

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  • August 31, 2014: Sunday Obituary – Cinthia Holmes Brumfield in MS - Leaves & Branches
    Cinthia Holmes Brumfield 1804 - 1884

    "Cinthia Brumfeild was born in the state of Georgia on Dec. 12, 1804 and moved to Pike County, Miss. At the age of 8 years and remained there until death. She married Davis Brumfield in 1824 and reared a large family. He died in 1864. She united with the Union Church in June 1850 and remained a faithful member of that church until her death. She died July 10, 1884. She leaves 7 children, 1 brother, 2 sisters, and many grand-children and great grand-children."

    From: Williams, E. Russ. Abstracts of Obituaries from the Minutes of the Magee's Creek Baptist Association (Mississippi and Louisiana), 1882 - 1924. Monroe, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1978, page 6. From the Louisiana Archives, Baton Rouge, LA.

    1 Cynthia Holmes b: 12 Dec 1804 Georgia, d: 10 Jul 1884 MS

    ... + David [Davis?] Brumfield b: 1795  York, SC, m: 23 Nov 1823 MS, d: 23 Apr 1863

    ......2 Elijah Brumfield       b: c. 1826, d: Unknown

    ......2 John Brumfield        b: c. 1830, d: Unknown

    ......2 William Brumfield    b: c. 1833, d: Unknown

    ......2 Emily Brumfield       b: c. 1834, d: Unknown

    ......2 Angeline Brumfield   b: c. 1839, d: Unknown

    ......2 Eveline Brumfield     b: c. 1839, d: Unknown

    ......2 Elisha Brumfield       b: c. 1840, d: Unknown

    ......2 Isaac K. Brumfield    b: c. 1843, d: Unknown

    ......2 Jesse Brumfield       b: c. 1845, d: Unknown

    ......2 Louise Brumfield      b: c. 1847, d: Unknown

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