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  • October 31, 2014: CT Research Trip: Mt St Peter Cemetery - Leaves & Branches

    219 New Haven Avenue

    Derby, CT

    203- 735- 8026

    Established 1884

    The people in the office at Mt St Peter Cemetery were very helpful when my cousin & I visited recently. We told them we were researching the surnames of Brady & Kilday. Lot cards were quickly retrieved from large drawers and the woman in the office made us copies of both the cards and a cemetery map.

    We were looking for Anna Brady Kilday and her branch of the Brady family. Anna was the daughter of Thomas Brady & Catherine Gibney. She and some of her siblings left County Cavan and made their lives in New Haven Co., CT. We found a large monument with the ‘Kilday’ surname surrounded by small foot stones. We did not actually uncover a stone with Anna’s name but we found her husband & many others. We did literally have to uncover those stones as their edges were obscured by grass. Anna’s stone was most likely completely covered with grass.

    KILDAY, Lot 90 Section A

    Father [James Kilday b c 1850 Ireland – 11 Nov 1899 CT]

    MARGARETTA [b 8 Sept 1889 CT – buried 31 Dec 194?; d/o James Kilday & Anna Brady]

    ANNA KILDAY WALSCOTT [b 3 Mar 1887 CT – buried 13 Feb 1943; d/o James Kilday & Anna Brady]

    FRANCES KILDAY 1894 – 1957 [d/o James Kilday & Anna Brady]

    FATHER, JAMES L KILDAY 1892 – 1972 [s/o James Kilday & Anna Brady]

    MOTHER, THERESA G. KILDAY 1896 – 1969 [w/o James L Kilday]

    We were also looking for William Brady, son of Thomas Brady & Catherine Gibney & brother to Anna Brady Kilday. He came to the USA as a young man and built a life for himself and his family in CT. We found three generations of his descendants.

    BRADY, Lot 46, Section E

    WILLIAM BRADY 1 October 1848 – 4 October 1926

    BRIDGET H O’REILLY W/O WILLIAM BRADY 8 April 1855 – 2 August 1914

    HELENA C BRADY D/O WILLIAM & BRIDGET BRADY 3 May 1886 – 26 Feb 1972

    EUGENE H BRADY 13 March 1888 – 21 June 1930 [s/o William & Bridget Brady]

    WILLIAM N LARKIN JR 27 May 1943 – 20 Jan 2005

    GEORGINA COATES W/O WILLIAM N LARKIN JR  10 April 1941 – 15 January 1995

    MAGRATH, Lot 46, Section E

    [This is the other side of the BRADY monument]

    ANNA A BRADY W/O WILLIAM F LARKIN 10 April 1884 – 14 October 1964 [d/o William & Bridget Brady]

    WILLIAM F LARKIN 14 October 1883 – 22 July 1959

    WILLIAM N LARKIN 9 February 1914 – 14 April 1996 [s/o William Larkin & Anna Brady]

    EVELYN A SOMMERS W/O WILLIAM N LARKIN 2 August 1912 – 27 October 1995

    MARY O’REILLY W/O NICHOLAS MAGRATH 21 July 1874 – 9 April 1930 [d/o Bridget Brady]

    NICHOLAS D MAGRATH 26 November 1872 – 27 October 1923

    This visit to the cemetery yielded lots of information. The death dates sent us back to the Ansonia Library to find matching obituaries from the Ansonia Evening Sentinel. We are still analyzing the data we collected from the tombstones & the obituaries.

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