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Welcome to all of you family members, genealogists and internet wanderers. My family tree is actually a forest of assorted names and locations. Check out the branches to discover if you share a leaf or two.

Surnames (above and to the right). Here are the main family trees. My goal is to include names, dates, descendants, photographs, documents  & sources for my information. These names link to locations & cemeteries. Related? Contact me to share & compare.

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  • November 23, 2014: Sunday Obituary – Mrs. William Brady - Leaves & Branches
    Mrs. Bridget Brady, wife of William Brady, a highly esteemed resident of this city, passed away late last evening at her home at 157 Hawkins street. She had been ill for some time and her recovery had been doubtful although during the past few days she was apparently better. Death resulted from a complication of the disease.

    She was a woman of many sterling qualities that won her many friends and endeared her to all with whom she came in contact. Genuine expressions of grief were heard when the news of her death became known. She was a devout Catholic and worked zealously in the interests of St Mary’s church. She was a member of Star Hive, L. O. T. M. As a kind wife and loving mother she will be mourned by her family.

    She is survived by a husband and six children, five daughters and, Mrs. N. D. McGrath, Mrs. William Halse, Mrs. William Larkin and the Misses Helena and Bridget Brady and one son, E H Brady of Philadelphia. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Anne Murphy of this city. The funeral arrangements are in charge of Stapleton Bros., the undertakers.

    "Mrs. William Brady: Died at Her Home on Hawkins Street Last Evening." Evening
    Sentinel [Ansonia, Connecticut] 03 Aug 1914.

     Bridget H O'Reilly, Wife of William Brady

    Note: When her husband died his obituary said he was survived by four daughters. The obituary above says Bridget had five daughters. Adding other clues, like tombstone inscriptions has led us to believe Bridget was married previously and had one daughter, Mary Hart O’Reilly, usually called Mary Hart Brady and usually listed as William’s daughter.

    1 William Brady b: 1 Oct 1848 Ireland, d: 4 Oct 1926 New Haven, CT

    ... + Bridget Hart O’Reilly b: c 1852 Ireland, d: 2 Aug 1914 New Haven, CT

    ......2 Mary Brady b: c 1873 Ireland [probably a daughter from Bridget’s 1st marriage]

    ......2 Katherine V Brady b: May 1879 CT, d: Unknown

    ...... + William Halse m: 18 Oct 1909 New Haven, CT

    .........3 Marion Halse b: 1913 New York, NY

    .........3 Mildred Halse b: 1901 New York, NY

    ......2 Bridget Brady b: Dec 1881 CT, d: Unknown

    ...... + Milo Chaffee

    ......2 Ann Brady b: 10 Apr 1883 New Haven, CT

    ...... + William F Larkin b: 14 Oct 1883, d: 22 Jul 1959

    .........3 William N Larkin b: 9 Feb 1914, d: 15 Apr 1996

    ......... + Evelyn A Sommers b: 2 Aug 1912, d: 27 Oct 1995

    ............4 William N Larkin b: 27 May 1943, d: 20 Jan 2005

    ............ + Georgina Coates b: 10 Apr 1941, d: 15 Jan 1995

    ............4 Jeffrey B Larkin

    ......2 female Brady b: 19 Feb 1885 New Haven, CT, d: 19 Feb 1885 New Haven, CT

    ......2 Helena C. Brady b: 3 May 1886 New Haven, CT, d: 26 Feb 1972

    ......2 Eugene Hart Brady b: 13 Mar 1888 New Haven, CT

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