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  • September 19, 2018: Following William G Fortenberry in the Census - Leaves & Branches

    William G. Fortenberry

    20 May 1833 MS – 23 Nov 1920 MS

    Son of Calvin Kennington Fortenberry

    My 1stcousin, 4x removed

    It is very helpful to find someone in several consecutive census reports. The decades roll by. Children can be identified. We see those children increase in number and then decrease as they move out on their own. In 1920 William, age 86, has moved in with his son. 

    The U S Census

    1870 US Census, MS, Pike; digital image,Ancestry( accessed July 2018) William Fortenberry.

    William                       37 b MS          farmer

    Rebecca                       23 b MS

    William D. son            7 b MS

    Burrell W. son             5 b MS

    Murry L. son               2 b MS

    1880 US Census, MS, Pike; digital image,Ancestry( accessed July 2018) William Fortenberry.

    William                       46 b MS          laborer

    Rebecca J.                    33 b MS

    William A. son            17 b MS

    Burrell W. son            15 b MS

    Marrel L. son               12 b MS

    Ginest daughter           9 b MS

    Nancy O. daughter      7 b MS

    Calvin C. son               4 b MS

    Sarah O. daughter       1/12 b MS

    1900 US Census, MS, Pike, Tylertown; digital image,Ancestry( accessed July 2018) William Fortenberry.

    William                       b May 1833 MS          farmer; m 1862

    Jane                             b Apr 1845 MS            mother of 11/10 living

    Chris son                     b Jan 1878 MS

    Opelia daughter           b Nov 1880 MS

    Narsissa daughter         b Feb 1883 MS

    Charley son                  b May 1885 MS

    Mary daughter             b June 1888 MS

    1910 US Census, MS, Pike, Beat 2; digital image,Ancestry( accessed July 2018) William Fortenberry.

    William                       77 b MS          famer on general farm

    Jane                             64 b MS          mother of 10/10 living

    Esco     son                   24 b MS          farmer laborer

    1920 US Census, MS, Walthall, Beat 3; digital image,Ancestry( accessed July 2018) Charley E. Fortenberry.

    Charley E                     36 b MS

    Lula                             32 b MS

    Madeedaughter          5 b MS

    Joe Glen son                1 b MS

    William father             86 b MS

    Janie mother                73 b MS

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