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  • September 13, 2017: John Ellzey Bible - Leaves & Branches
    The Ellzey is not a direct line family of mine. However, the Ellzey family married into my Alford, Fortenberry & Smith lines. They were our neighbors, friends & in laws.

    Finding the Bible record on line at Genealogy Gophers was a nice surprise. It yielded the oldest information I have on this family.

    John Ellzey Bible

    Original owner: John & Elizabeth Coney Ellzey

    Bible published 1851


    John Ellzey                  Elizabeth Coney                      18 July 1823

    Wm S Ellzey                Winneyfred Sibley                   20 Jan 1842

    Burrel Fortenberry       Eliza Jane Ellzey                      15 Aug 1850

    John S Ellzey               Sarintha Smith                         1 May 1851

    Benjamin F. Ellzey       Elizabeth Holmes                    2 Sept 1852

    Lewis N. Ellzey            Mary Ann Holmes                   1 Sept 1853

    James W. Ellzey           Nancy C. Jane                          18 Sept 1856

    John Ellzey                  Margaretta Indiana Hall          5 Jan 1860


    John Ellzey                  10 Nov 1796

    Elizabeth Coney          24 Apr 1808

    Their children:

    William S.                   8 Aug 1824

    Mary N.                       25 Dec 1825

    Benj. F.                       10 Sept 1827

    John S.                        13 Mar 1829

    Eliza J.                        5 Sept 1830

    Lewis                           2 Feb 1832

    Jackson J.                   8 Dec 1833

    James W.                     9 Aug 1835

    Thomas J.                   19 Apr 1837

    Wesley M.                   1 Feb 1839

    Rachel M.                    23 Dec 1840

    Lemuel N.                   1 Nov 1842

    Laura A.                      25 Apr 1844

    Eveline E.                    6 Feb 1846

    Jesse C.                      15 Apr 1848

    Sarah W.                     13 Sept 1851

    Source: Mississippi Genealogical Society, Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records, Volume 8 (Jackson, MS, 1961) 84-85; digital image, Genealogy Gophers ( accessed Aug. 2017).

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