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The photograph, above, was taken 2009 in New Orleans while my family was visiting the city.

My great grandmother was Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. Through Rose & her father, Jessie Alexander Brumfield I am connected to the Brumfield family.

The Brumfield family tree might have originated in Great Britain before crossing the ocean to the American colony. More than one lineage has been presented as the original Brumfield ancestry. According to Dell Clawson:

The name Brumfield, used to describe a place, it is believed to be of Welsh origin and to mean a field of broom. An ancient family of this name is recorded as of Welsh origin in the fifteenth century and an early record reveals a Brumfield family in the County Kent, England in 1273. There is a town in England called Broomfield. [i]

Similarly, Charlotte J. Stewart wrote:

The distinguished name of Brumfield is an English local name meaning ‘broom field’, that is, a field of broom plants, a shrub of the bean family with stiff green branches, a conspicuous growth of the English heath. In many cases the progenitors of families bearing such names came from, or lived nearby, the places indicated by their surnames. [ii]

[i] Clawson, Dell, Fields of Broom(New Orleans, LA; privately printed, 1972) 2.

[ii] Stewart, Charlotte J. Brumfield(Ocean Springs, MS: Blossom Printing, Inc., 1972).

I will start here with  John Brumfield  & his father, Charles, as the furthest back in this tree that I can document at this time. I have found, on Ancestry.com’s family trees, steps further back in the family history. Those trees show Charles’ father as Watson Brumfield, b. c. 1720 in Virginia and his father, Moses Brumfield, b. c. 1700 in Virginia. Wives and other children are given. The only source citation given is other people’s trees. One tree traces the family back to a Thomas Brumfield born 1613 in England. I would love to link those men with our family but would like to find reliable sources first: published histories, church records, a family Bible, original documents,… If you have knowledge of any of these sources please contact me. Until then we will start from here.

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