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Martin Penn Brumfield 1837 LA – 1862 VA

Matrin P Brumfield from fold3
Matrin P Brumfield  fold3

The photograph, above, was taken September 2014 at the Gordonsville Hospital Museum, VA when Martin Penn Brumfield died.

Martin Penn Brumfield was born 15 March 1837 in Louisiana. He was the son of Nathaniel Brumfield and Charlotte Temple Ott. Martin served in the Civil War. He was in Co I, 9 Louisiana Infantry. Martin enlisted 7 July 1861 in Camp Moore for 12 months. At the time of his enlistment he was a farmer in Franklinton, LA. He went in as a Private and became a 2nd Lieutenant.

On 21 July 1861 the 9th Infantry arrived in Manassas, Virginia just after the fighting there. They went to Camp Florida, near Centerville, Virginia. In camp the former farm boys were exposed to many diseases for the first time. By August over 100 men had died or been discharged medically. In January 1862 the 9th Infantry was in Camp Carondelet in Manassas. In April 1862 Martin P. Brumfield was in the General Receiving Hospital in Gordonsville, Virginia. He died there of disease. The next month his younger brothers , Jessie Alexander Brumfield and John D. Brumfield enlisted.

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