Julius Alford 1717 – 1771

The Julius Alford Family

Julius Alford was the son of James Alford. He was born September 1717 in New Kent, Virginia. He married Lucy Newton. They had seven children. Julius died November 1771 in Butte County, North Carolina.

Julius Alford, born September 1717 in New Kent, Virginia, was the youngest son of James Alford and the grandson of John Alford. He was in his teens when his father died. By the time Julius was 30 he was in North Carolina with his wife, Lucy and their first child, John. He and Lucy had seven children: John Alford, Isaac Alford, Goodrich Alford, Polly Alford, Sarah Alford, Jacob Alford and Job Alford. Like his older brothers, Lodwick and Goodrich, Julius lived in Saint Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. His name is in the records of the parish. He was there in October 1735. Also, like his brothers, Julius migrated south to North Carolina.

….. 1 Julius Alford b: 04 Sept 1717 in New Kent, Virginia,d: November 1771 in Butte County, NC
….. + Lucy Newton b: 1720, d: 1790
……….. 2 John Alford b: Abt. 1747 in Butte County, North Carolina, d: Aft. 1830 in Greene, Alabama
……….. + Chloe Pope b: 1756
……….. 2 Isaac Alford b: 1748 in Butte County, NC
……….. 2 Goodrich Alford b: Abt. 1750 in NC
……….. 2 Polly Alford b: Abt. 1753 in NC
……….. 2 Sarah Alford b: Abt. 1756 in NC
……….. 2 Jacob Alford b: 15 Aug 1761 in Butte County, NC, d: 16 July 1824 in Washington Parish, LA
……….. + Elizabeth Bryant b: 20 June 1765, m: Abt. 1785 in NC, d: Abt. 1793
……….. + Frances Seaborn b: 29 Sept 1766 in Virginia, m: Abt. 1792 in Cumberland, NC, d: Abt. 1860 in Washington Parish, Louisiana
……….. 2 Job Alford b: Abt. 1763 in NC

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