I am related to the Dillon family through my father, Delbert Keith Brown. My father was a descendant of two children of Joanna (Dillon) Smith: Martha P. (Smith) Alford and Wyatt Smith.

Richard Dillon served in the Revolutionary War. According to Luke Ward Conerly: Richard Dillon “…saw service as an enlistee on the vessel ‘Greyhound,’ a privateersman commanded by Samuel Butler.  With the capture of that vessel, he was made a prisoner on the English frigate ‘Baloosa’ which carried 36 guns and was commanded by a Captain Kennedy, a Scotsman.  After a nine-month imprisonment, he again returned to Bertie County.” About 1810-He move to Pike County.  He lived there till his death “which supposedly occurred on his 89th birthdate in 1833.”  Eight known children are listed.

Brothers Theophilous, Willis & Clarkston Dillon served in the War of 1812. Clarkston was involved in the Battle of New Orleans. Willis was a trumpeter for the 13th Mississippi Regiment. Theophilous was in a regiment of mounted riflemen.

1 James Theopilous Dillon b: c. 1719 in Ireland
… + Mary Dillon
……2 Richard Dillon b: 7 Oct 1745 in Norfolk, VA, d: 07 Oct 1833  MS
…… + Anne Lawrence b: c. 1762 in Bertie, NC, m: c. 1776, d: Abt. 1830 MS
………3 Joanna Dillon b: 22 Aug 1778 Bertie, NC, d: Aft. 30 Apr 1821 Pike, MS
……… + Jeremiah Smith b: 23 Dec 1773 SC, d: 1843 in Pike, MS
………3 Nancy Ann Dillon b: 26 Oct 1779 Bertie, NC, d: 28 May 1869 Pike, MS
……… + John Stallings d: 23 Sep 1851
………3 Lawrence Dillon b: 21 Jun 1783 Bertie, NC, d: Unknown
……… + Martha Jackson
………3 Clarkston Dillon b: c. 1785  Bertie, NC, d: Unknown
……… + Sarah Dillon b: SC
………3 Willis D. Dillon b: 31 Dec 1787 Bertie, NC, d: Unknown
……… + Mary Dillon b: 1783 in SC
………3 Mary Dillon Morris b: 1793 NC, d: 4 Jul 1876 Hinds, MS
……… + Salathial Morris
………3 Theophilous Dillon b: 26 May 1796 NC, d: c. 1879 Washington, LA
……… + Peggy Pearson b: 1808, d: 05 Sep 1857
………3 Clara Dillon b: 1799 NC, d: Unknown
……… + George Smith Sr. b: 1775 SC, d: 1833
………3 Sarah Dillon b: 04 Feb 1804 SC, d: 12 Jun 1834
……… + Daniel Graves m: 18 Nov 1819

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Selected Resources:
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  • DAR website, ancestor Richard Dillon #A036157
  • Compiled Service records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812 in Organizations from the Territory of Mississippi, NARA film #M678, roll 6, 13 th Regiment, Nixon’s, 1815,  Clarkson Dillon. from fold3
  • The Jeremiah Smith, Sr. Bible, c. 1800 – 1917, Bible in possession of Mrs. W. C. Uhlman, Tylertown, Mississippi. Copy given to me by Pat (Brock) Smith.

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10 Responses to Dillon

  1. Richard was my ggg grandfather, Lawrence>John>James>Thomas.

  2. Richard was my ggggg grandfather ,
    clarkson>thomas everett>chauncy>george r.>albert t.>james willis.

  3. Arna Dillon Maze

    Hello! Richard Dillon was my GGGGgrandfather. By the way, he moved to Pike Co. because he was awarded 400 acres for being in the Revolutionary War twice and for being a POW for 9 months as a cooper. Interestingly, my father, Arnold Dillon, was a POW for 9 mo. in WWII. This is my line: Richard>Theophalus>Joel Pearson>John Theophalius>John Edgar> Arnold> me…all with the surname Dillon. I am so proud. I am looking for the birth and death certificate of Alice Hill, my grandmother. She burned to death in front of my Daddy when he was three years old. We named our only child Allison.

  4. I am a direct descedent of Richard Dillon.
    Richard Dillon
    Lawrence Dillon & Martha
    John J. Dillon & Celia
    Richard Jerdon Dillon Martha
    John Madison Dillon & Eva
    Ezell Dillon & Josie
    and then me…David A. Dillon
    I have pictures of Ezell, John Madison and Richard….they are actually posted on the Gibsonville, Nc Facebook page.

    • Hello, David. It is very nice to ‘meet’ you!
      I would love to exchange information. Do you have more details on your direct line: dates, place, sources?
      I tried unsuccessfully to find that facebook page. Suggestions on how to find it? I am on facebook, ‘Colleen Pasquale’.

      I’m excited about connecting up with you! Colleen

    • David, I am on your facebook page & looking at all your albums. Where should I look for the Dillons?

      I have Lawrence Dillon in my records but no wife, children or descendants. Could you tell me more? DO you have anything on line with info?

  5. Where is lawrence Dillon buried? Many sources state Vernon Parish, however many of his relatives are buried in Comrade Cemetery…he is not listed as being buried there.

  6. Sherry Dillon Maze

    I received a letter back from DAR in Washington D.C. I will not be able to join until I find proof of birth and death exact dates fro Alice Hill Dillon, my grandmother. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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