The Keck family has its roots in Germany. From there they settled in Pennsylvania.

Just a few Kecks:

  • Andreas Keck 1753 – 1828
  • Andreas Keck 1778 – 1833
  • Frederick Keck b c 1755
  • Georg Keck c 1744 – 1816
  • Johannes Keck c 1742 – 1803
  • Maria Elisabeth (Keck) Ritter 1747 – 1813
  • Solomon Keck 1782 – 1863

Selected Sources:

  • Rauch, Hilary J. “Conrad Keck = Frederick Keck?.” Palatine Immigrant. XXI.3 (1996): 143.
  • Laudenslager, David R. County of Lehigh, Allentown, PA Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Grave Registration Record. Revolutionary War Veterans. 1. Pennsylvania: 1994.
  • “Neimeyer, Stoudt, Rath, Reinhard, and Kemmerer. History of Jerusalem Lutheran and Reformed Church. Allentown, PA: H. Ray Haas & Co Pub, 1911. Keck, Andrew, son of  Henry the pioneer.

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