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The photograph, above, is the home of Jasper Pascal Brown in Pike County, MS.

My father was Delbert Keith Brown & my paternal grandfather was Roy Jessie Brown, hence my connection to the Brown surname. The difficulty in searching through records for this name is probably obvious. It is very common. If you couple it with a common first name, such as James, you will find a long list of James Browns. To add to this difficulty the Browns married the Smiths. Are there more common surnames in the USA? Some of the other surnames entwined with the Browns are: Fortenberry, Dillon, Kennington, Spurlock,  and Smith.

The first generation of the Brown family line may be Hardy and Patience Brown who lived in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. They might be the parents of Edward Brown, born circa 1730. There is evidence of Edward Brown living in Edgecombe County in the mid 1700s and Edward named one of his sons Hardy. These facts seem to point to Hardy and Patience as Edward’s parents but with a name as common as Brown it is best to have more proof of the connection before claiming this as a fact. Until Hardy & Patience can be connected, Edward Brown appears as our primary ancestor.

TIMELINE of the BROWN Family.

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