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The Ashley surname appears back in time on my father’s side of our family. My 8th great grandparents, Thomas & Ann Ashley were in Bertie County, NC in the early 1700s.  Their son was Thomas Ashley, Jr. [after 1710 – Aug 1790 NC]. I have a brief glimpse into the Ashley family before they marry the Lawrence family and the Ashley surname is gone from my direct line.

1 Thomas Ashley, Jr. b: c. 1710, d: Aug 1790 Bertie, NC
… + Ann Hicks
……2 Ann Ashley b: c. 1733
…… + Humphrey Lawrence b: c. 1726, d: 1772 Bertie, NC
………3 Frederick Lawrence b: c. 1746 Bertie, NC, d: 1823 Bertie, NC
………3 Reuben Lawrence b: c. 1748 Bertie, NC, d: Bertie, NC
………3 David Lawrence b: c. 1750 Bertie, NC, d: Abt. 1786 Chowan, NC
………3 Anne Lawrence b: Abt. 1762 Bertie, NC, d: Abt. 1830 MS
……… + Richard Dillon b: 7 Oct 1745 Norfolk, VA, m: c. 1776, d: 7 Oct 1833 MS
………3 Nathaniel Lawrence b: 27 Jul 1766 Bertie, NC, d: 24 Dec 1849 Artesia, Lowndes, MS
……2 Elizabeth Ashley
…… + Boulton
……2 Mary Ashley
…… + Hodgeson

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