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Brigid (English) Mullane d 1920 Ireland

Brigid English was the daughter of Martin English & Ellen Hogan. She had a sister named Mary who married David Pollack. Mary & David had two children.
Brigid’s father, Martin, was a carpenter on Main Street in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. Daniel Mullane was the son of Thomas Mullane who was also a carpenter there. In 1866 Brigid & Daniel, the children of the carpenters, were married in old Saint Mary’s Church in Clonmel.[1] Daniel and Brigid Mullane raised a large family in Clonmel on the shore of the tranquil River Suir. They lived on Mary Street and attended old Saint Mary’s Church. Later they changed to the newer Saints Peter and Paul Church. Many of their children were baptized there. 
Daniel Mullane was a coach builder in Clonmel.[2]  By the early 1900s Daniel, Brigid and their family moved to Upper Gladstone Street. Many businesses, including Daniel’s coach building business were established on the street. 
I do not know any stories that tell me what kind of person Brigid was; rather she was kind or stern, timid or bold. I do know that Brigid dealt with much tragedy. She was the mother of 11 children and she lived through the deaths of six of those children. Two sons and two daughters died as little children. The first tragedy happened on 9 December 1872, when Thomas, not yet two years old, died from bronchitis.[3] We can only imagine the heartbreak the family suffered at the death of the little toddler. The second son to die was Patrick. On 29 August 1881, tragedy again struck the family when this 12 year old son died from dysentery.[4]
Two daughters, both named Margaret, also died as children. The first Margaret Mullane was born in 1876.[5] On 18 April 1880 the second Margaret was born to Daniel and Brigid Mullane.[6] We may wonder why the Mullanes would give two daughters the same name. Although there is no death record as proof I believe the first Margaret died and another daughter was given the name of her deceased sister. It was the custom in our family to name children after deceased family members. On the 22 July 1892 this second Margaret died at age 12.[7]
Two daughters died as young adults. Evidence seems to show that Catherine Mullane was a Sister of Mercy Catholic nun and died as a 22 year old.[8]  Daughter, Julia Mullane, wife of Timothy J Horgan and the mother of two children, died in 1918 at the age of 32 years. She died from Influenza. Her husband remarried and I have been unable to track down Julia’s children.[9]
I am sure that Brigid always remembered each of those children who died before reaching old age. Two of the other five children emigrated to the United States and lived in New York City. Mary Josephine left Ireland from Queenstown [now called Cobh] on the S. S. Britannic, part of the White Star line, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and arriving in New York City on 25 May 1885.[10] She married and raised her family in New York City. She did return to visit her Irish family at least once. Frances Mullane also left Ireland for New York. She became a nurse there; serving in both World Wars.[11],[12] Frances traveled between New York and Ireland several times to visit her family in Clonmel.
Three children of Daniel & Brigid Mullane remained in Ireland: Timothy, Ellen and Daniel, Jr. All three remained unmarried. 
Brigid English Mullane died on 28 November 1920.[13]

Death of Mrs. Mullane, Clonmel. We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Bridget Mullane, wife of Mr. D. Mullane, coach painter, Upper Gladstone street, Clonmel, which occurred on Sunday. Deceased had been ailing for some weeks and, despite the best medical care and loving nursing, she gradually grew worse and passed peacefully away fortified by the rites of holy Church, of which she was a practical and devout member. The remains were removed to SS. Peter and Paul’s Parish on Monday night. On Tuesday Requiem Mass was offered for the repose of her soul Rev. W. Walsh being celebrant. The funeral took place to Newcastle where internment took place in the family burial ground. The chief mourners were – Mr. D. Mullane (husband); Mr. Timothy Mullane, Mr. D Mullane (sons); Miss Ellie Mullane (daughter); Mr. T. J. Horgan (brother in law); Miss B English and Miss Ciss English (cousins). There was a large attendance of the general public.[14]

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