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My father’s family tree has roots that stretch back to the Alford family. My great grandmother was Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown, born 18 July 1867 in  Mississippi. Her mother was Martha Elizabeth Alford [daughter of Edwin Barksdale Alford & Martha P. Smith].

John Alford, 1645 – 1710, is the earliest Alford who we can point to with confidence, and say, this is our direct ancestor. John was born in Virginia c 1645.[i] The names of his parents have been lost with time. We can find John in the records of eastern Virginia in the County of New Kent, established in 1654. The area’s early inhabitants were of English stock and the area was named for Kent, England.[ii] The boundaries of the county changed over time but we know our ancestor was granted land there. In 1682 John Alford had two land grants in New Kent County.

John died in New Kent, Virginia on 14 March 1709/10.[iii] We do not know the name of his wife but we know the couple had at least five children born in New Kent County: James Alford, Elizabeth (Alford) Winfrey, William Alford, Mary (Alford) Wood and John Alford. These children and other Alfords are included in the records of the county and the parish.

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